About Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

In an accident, the collision between a commercial truck and a compact car, well, that is like putting an elephant with a mouse in a boxing ring! Who do you think will come out the better? Check Houston Truck Accident Lawyer.

There are hundreds of thousands on our highways of these huge, bad machines and they’re involved in thousands of incidents a year.

If you’re involved in a commercial truck crash, you’ll need to seek legal advice from a professional South Texas Truck Accident Attorney. Many kinds of cases are difficult to tackle. Truck drivers running for a company can get the upper hand right after the crash. They will send the company immediately who will in effect contact their insurance provider immediately.

I recommend you always carry a disposable camera in your car. It is a smart idea to have a camera phone with you too. If you aren’t seriously injured, photographs or videos should be taken immediately after the accident. You may catch a crucial piece of evidence that perhaps the police might miss. All the evidence will be thoroughly investigated by your South Texas Accident Attorney. They’ll speak to

everyone who may have seen the incident. All police reports and photographs and medical records will also be collected by The.

Your attorney will investigate whether the truck driver at the time of the accident followed their company rules and regulations. Was the truck driver working beyond the time allowed to them? Truck drivers who push themselves for too long will get overly tired and a tired truck driver on the road will lead to a deadly accident.

Your attorney in truck accident is not just dealing with the truck driver. We have to negotiate with the trucking business and the insurance provider.

When you are involved in a commercial truck crash, you could be liable for damages to your car, such as medical costs, loss of income and damages.

Nonetheless, you need to bear in mind that when you see a big truck on the lane, you need to take extra caution. Stick to your distance. Never try to pull up sideways of a semi if any of you make a right turn. They need much more space to make a turn and chances are they won’t even see you because of their height. In a way, this makes all parties equally liable and is considered ‘comparative negligence’ in Texas.