All About Tummy Tucks

Tummy tuck is a general word for abdominoplasty surgery, which is a large surgical operation conducted in the lower abdominal area to enhance the look of a patient. A tummy tuck doesn’t really help you drop weight, so with a substantial weight reduction, it’s shot. Get More Information You can shed a lot of weight in a good way as you undergo a diet and workout regimen. This rapid weight drop would normally leave you in the abdomen region with flabby stomach muscles and loose skin. With daily disciplined workout, the flabby muscles may be toned, but the saggy skin is harder to contend with.

It finds it challenging to return to the typical firm form when the skin is extended past the elasticity point. You are faced with sagging skin dangling from the lower belly as a consequence. This saggy skin is what would be resolved by a tummy tuck. Via operation, the tummy tuck surgeon can remove the skin from your abdomen and tighten it securely around your uterus. A hip-to-hip incision and another incision around the navel are needed to loosen the body’s skin. The extra skin is discarded until it is spread around your abdomen and the residual skin is stitched into place. For your navel, a new hole is also created.

During a tummy tuck, persistent fat in the abdomen region that does not react to diet and exercise may also be eliminated. If your fat and skin issues are not that serious, it is necessary to do a mini tummy tuck instead of a complete tummy tuck. In the part of the belly where just any of the skin is shed, a micro tummy tuck would just target the lower abdomen. Liposuction and a micro tummy tuck is often done simultaneously.

A tummy tuck will also aid in this region if you have trouble contracting the abdominal muscle. The surgeon will tighten up the abdominal muscles after a total tummy tuck by sewing them together. For a couple of weeks, you will be left with a swollen abdomen, but prescription medicine and a moderate activity will treat the wounds.

A tummy tuck will leave you with certain unsightly wounds, as with any surgical operations. In this region, some individuals may be luckier as they recover really quickly. The surgical marks from a tummy tuck are typically below the bikini line, and proper swimwear will conceal them. If the scars annoy you or if you recover from scars normally, only if you are completely recovered from your tummy tuck, a scar removal cosmetic procedure may be an alternative.