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HVAC is the acronym for heating , ventilation , air conditioning and most people are familiar with it as heat and a / c for their office or home buildings. The heating, ventilation, and cooling systems are set up to use the same duct network that operates across the whole building to move out heat throughout the winter and cold air throughout the warm summer months. In general it is operated, restored and assembled by an HVAC specialist to keep the machine operating smoothly. Check Tips For Hiring an HVAC Contractor.

A tech has to be able to understand how the system works, how to read blue prints, as well as troubleshoot the system when things stop working properly to do this rather complex job. The road to becoming an HVAC technician isn’t too complex but it requires a learning commitment.

A prospective tech may pursue a two-year program available either by a business school or a college in the city. And while doing time in the classroom learning how to read blue prints, staying safe around electrical equipment, and operating the heating and cooling system mechanics, the prospective tech also has to do hands on learning as an apprentice in the field.

After the classroom training is complete, an apprentice tech, under the guidance of a certified HVAC technician, will spend another two to four years continuing their apprenticeship.

Technicians will select the area in which they wish to specialize their training and skills during their training period. While trained to do both, technicians can either specialize in installing systems or specialize in maintenance and repair. Techs may further specialize only in working with heating or cooling systems.

The techs operate indoors and outside, and the working conditions differ by employment. The risk of vibrations, burns and muscle strains from operating heavy machinery provides certain health risks for this work.

In 2008 there were 308,200 HVAC techs employed in the profession and a little over half (54 percent) worked for plumbing, heating , and air-conditioning companies while the remainder of the workforce was employed with various entities including the government. A tiny number of techs are self-employed in the industry (16 per cent).

With 10 years or more of experience a developer should expect to earn an salary of about $20 an hour based on the regional region in which they live. And because this career area is projected to expand faster than normal, for long-range work prospects it is a very safe sector to join.