BRAISED ARTICHOKES with tomato coulis-How To Prepare


Braised Artichokes with tomato coulis is a very old, but a popular recipe in New England. The type of wine used in this dish is actually an Italian wine called Corvina, made specifically for this specific dish. There are many different variations on the theme, but typically a ham or turkey is used in the cooking process. Along with the wine, the vegetables are the main centerpieces of this festive dish. There are many different versions of this dish throughout the years, but the basic ingredients remain the same. In some cases, depending on whether the dish is a slow roast or a hot one, or even if it’s served raw, the onions may be placed into a pressure cooker along with the ham. For more info navigate to this website.

Once the mixture of the meats and the vegetables is cooked, then the dish is completed, typically with a delicious balsamic reduction to top it off. This reduction basically adds a rich flavor to the dish, with the onions, garlic, ham, tomato, and a thick balsamic vinegar sauce. This dish may not be accompanied by some sort of side dish or dip. Typically, if the dish is to be served cold, then it’s eaten that way. For those looking for a delicious appetizer to compliment this particular rich meaty dish, then this would be the perfect choice.

This particular recipe is one of the more classic dishes in the area, originating in a time when there was little else but hams and bacon to be consumed. Because of this, it’s no surprise that this recipe enjoys so many loyalists. Those who don’t live in the New England area or don’t have time to make this recipe at home, or who simply don’t enjoy the extra effort of making the recipe at home, can still enjoy this fine dish just the same. It’s available at many of your favorite restaurants and cookware stores, as well as in many gift shops both locally and online.