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“Mommy Makeover”, is a phrase used to describe facelift surgery – an operation aimed at revitalizing the abdominal and breast skin. After child birth, the breasts tend to sag slightly and this is addressed by a variety of cosmetic procedures aimed at lifting up the skin on top of the breasts. The aim is also to address any of the subtle physical changes that may occur after delivery. Whilst a very effective operation, the Mommy Makeover is not a long term solution, as most women require another operation to restore their figures to their prior postpartum status. Visit Houston Plastic Surgery Associates | Christopher Balinger, MD – Houston mommy makeover.

As with all surgical procedures, there are risks involved and a significant period of recovery is required after having mommy makeover surgery. Most patients return to work within a few days of completing the procedure and it is advisable for patients to keep to a strict routine of exercise, resting and gentle physical activities. For patients that have selected to have the procedure done abroad, a mommy makeover consultation may be arranged before the operation and again, after the procedure. At the consultation, it will be explained to the patient what preparations they need to make in order to have the procedure done safely and under medical supervision. A good idea would be to have a general idea of how much the plastic surgeon charges, whether there are any additional fees charged and any guarantees offered. The plastic surgeon will then give the patients a list of possible surgical areas that they can choose from.

A mommy makeover is used as an alternative to more invasive procedures such as breast augmentation and liposuction. It is extremely effective for patients that have saggy or droopy breasts caused by breastfeeding or aging. In addition, the procedure can help patients that have lost the ability to grow their breasts naturally and these procedures are also very popular for use in conjunction with breast augmentations. If you are considering a procedure like this one then it is advised that you take the time to explore all of your options. Ask your doctor lots of questions so that you feel comfortable with the information and outcomes that you will receive.

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Abdominoplastic or “tummy tucking” is a common cosmetic plastic surgery procedure utilized to create the stomach flat and less protruding. The surgery mainly involves the elimination of surplus fat and skin from both the upper and lower stomach, especially the lower one, in order to tighten the abdominal wall and muscle of the abdominal wall. During this procedure, excess abdominal skin is removed and the muscles are tightened. There are many tummy tucks physicians from which you can choose, but it is advisable that you first consult your family doctor before getting a tummy tuck.Learn more about us at  Arroyo Plastic Surgery at West Houston-Tummy Tuck

If you have a history of significant weight loss, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and diabetes mellitus, then these may be the factors that resulted in your excessive fat build-up in the abdominal area. A tummy tuck is also commonly done if you have a history of unstable weight loss, binge eating, smoking, and low levels of serum cholesterol. In addition, women who are pregnant and those who failed to achieve stable weight loss after completing their menopause are also great candidates for a tummy tuck. Men usually get a tummy tuck when they get rid of an excessive amount of fat or when they experience some kind of cosmetic surgery, such as a breast reduction. In addition, a woman who is not happy with her shape or who has undergone a significant weight loss can also benefit from a tummy tuck.

Although a tummy tuck is less risky than many other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, there are still some complications that are probable during the surgical procedure. One of the most common complications associated with a tummy tuck is sudden, excessive swelling or an allergic reaction to local anesthesia. Another possible complication is general anesthesia and respiratory arrest. However, these complications are not very common. If you have any fear or concern that you might be at risk for one of these complications, it is important that you discuss them with your cosmetic surgeon before making any decisions.