Cisco C2960XR datasheet – A Background


The term Catalyst switch networks refers to Cisco’s patented network switch technology, which runs on CatOS software rather than the better-known Cisco IOS software that Cisco routers use. Catalyst switches come in multiple models, and are often purchased and used after refurbishment. We list some of the benefits of used and refurbished catalyst switch networks based on the following models in this article: 2950, 3750, 2960, and 3560. Visit WS-C3750X-24P-S.

  1. 2950-2950

Cisco stand-alone, 2950 fixed-configuration switches are suitable for computer networks small to medium in scale. Its advantages include:

  • Excellent fault backup replication, including expedient failover recovery, high fault tolerance, and fast tree spanning convergence.
  • Optimization of bandwidth to prevent defective end-stations from impacting wider device performance;
  • Top security features that use the latest technologies in authentication , encryption and intrusion detection.
  • Easy to deploy and use in terms of web browser initialization, troubleshooting and multiple network configuration.
  1. 3750-3750

Cisco stackable 3750 switches are ideal for small businesses requiring flexibility in configuration, improved support for convergence of network patterns, and automated configuration of network services. Its advantages include:

  • Easy to deploy and use thanks to the plug-and – play configuration that makes the stack self-manage and configure itself.
  • Easy expansion of the network due to their mixing and matching capability.
  • Uninterrupted network performance at layers two and three due to each switch’s ability to serve as master, ensuring normal network operation in the event of a switch failure.
  • Lower maintenance costs because the removed switch’s port-level configuration is automatically reloaded after it is replaced.
  1. 2690-2690

The Cisco compact 2960 switches are ideal for environments where traditional wiring can not be accommodated. Their advantages include

  • Top security features which use state-of-the-art authentication technology and network access control.
  • Lightweight design that does not require a fan or a magnet, which can be mounted on a shelf.
  • Easy to use and deploy as regards network configuration, upgrades, and troubleshooting.
  • High performance due to Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for their scale;
  1. 3560-3560

Fixed-hardware Cisco, stackable 3560 switches are suitable for enterprise-class hardware needs organisations. Its advantages include:

  • Easy to use and deploy in terms of initial setup, auto-sensing of attached device speeds and configuring multi-switch port trunk.
  • Excellent redundancy for fault backup including expedient recovery of failover and high tolerance to faults.
  • Enhanced IP routing performance which facilitates improved flow redirection control, regardless of the configuration of the routing protocol.
  • Top Security features that use the latest technology in authentication , encryption and intrusion detection.

Where to turn to Catalyst switch networks for advice

Whether your organization is interested in new or refurbished Catalyst switches, the best option is to have an IT service that is specialized in sales and maintenance of Cisco equipment assessing your network needs. Some IT firms that refurbish Cisco products offer them with a lifetime warranty.