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The idea of getting my own arcade machine at home has been crossing my mind for years. I still dismissed it because I felt it was either too costly to purchase or much too complex to build. Well, as I’ve recently discovered, with the proper instructions, they are surprisingly simple to construct. What’s more, once I was aware of what actually powered the traditional in-home arcade machine, the components to create one myself were all around me. In most situations, right now, it gathers dust in your home and resides in the shape of your old machine.Learn more at Diamond Leisure

So why make an arcade machine of your own? Ok, I’ll share my reasons with you.

It’s hugely cheaper than buying it online. As they’re called, PC Cabinet arcade machines sell online for thousands of dollars. They come to your house and you put them together in the majority of situations. Contrast that to the do-it-yourself computer that typically ends up costing a few hundred dollars or less depending on how much of the materials you already have on hand, with sufficient instructions. There’s no need for the one you make to look cheap either. Following certain easy steps helps you to have a computer that looks professional.

This is a great conversation piece. There’s no question that getting this computer in your home is going to attract publicity, regardless of your age group. Now that I have one, my location has become more of a hang out spot and when people see the thing, they are certainly impressed. It still turns heads even though they don’t like video games. This is particularly true if at home you already have some kind of gaming or billiard room. The nostalgic feeling can be brought back by you. Don’t forget all the games you played as a child. Oh, chances are, by getting those games on your arcade machine to enjoy, you can re-create many of those memories. In a relaxed environment, you’re willing to do so. This is particularly good when you get emotionally charged when playing a game and do not have to worry about looking like a weirdo when you yell and/or use other actions that would show that you are not “acting your age.” You can openly convey true emotions of triumph and anger!