Dirty Job of Crime Scene Clean Up

Have you ever tried to clean a toilet that is highly contaminated? Or cleaning your vomit-filled bathroom after a wild house party? Cleaning and disposing of disgusting things like this is probably the dirtiest job in the world, you might think. Here’s another job you can add, cleaning up after a bloody crime scene, to that list of disgusting jobs.Checkout Advanced Bio Treatment, Tampa for more info.

In fact, cleaning up a crime scene deals with what is left after a brutal assassination took place in someone’s house or a street corner homicide took place. After the police, firemen, or CSI have completed their investigations, the bodies have been removed and what remains is the stench of decomposing human remains, blood splattered on the walls or the unexpected death in the home of a neighbor after someone overdosed on meth. Crime scene clean up happens. Family members of the victim are usually the ones who clean up the mess left by the incident without professional assistance to clean up what is considered a biohazard of human remains. Today, well-trained restoration professionals offer services to completely clean and restore the crime scene to its pre-incident state that comply with the disposal guidelines established by O.S.H.A, the Environmental Protection Agency, and even local state health departments.

Some of the crime scenes encountered by these professionals are:

Cases of violent deaths due to homicide, suicide or car accidents.

Following an unattended death, decomposing remains. After the heart stops and the body starts losing heat, the chemical process of decomposition begins. The result of this process is the loss of body fluids and the release of gases such as methane, sulfide and ammonia.

Methamphetamine laboratories are highly volatile scenes of crime involving the cleaning of hazardous chemicals, most likely permeating furniture, clothing, floors and walls.

What are the abilities and qualifications to become a clean-up technician member of a crime scene?

A stomach that’s very strong. For the faint of heart, this is definitely not a job.

For bio recovery and disposal services, O.S.H.A and EPA certifications are necessary.

Training on protective equipment and training on respiratory protection

He/she should be able to sympathize with the family members, as one or more of the family members may be present during the procedure in some instances.

All local and state licenses should be fully bound by each technician and retained.

It requires a lot of training to become a crime scene cleaner. Such workouts include:

Hazardous disposal of waste.

Remediation for Clandestine Meth Lab

Blood-borne training of pathogens, which addresses the proper handling of body fluids.

There are also courses that test their ability to withstand the most repugnant circumstances.

Crime scene clean up is a very dirty job that deals with the containment and removal of dangerous bio spills. A project for homicide cleaning or an unattended death and blood cleaning job requires a highly trained professional to ensure that after the job is done, the area is safe. Some restoration businesses


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