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The word teeth whitening applies to a dental surgical treatment undertaken for whitening teeth. This, in reality, is the dental technique that is most commonly used. The process of teeth whitening usually involves teeth bleaching in order to remove stains and brighten the smile of the patient.Learn more about us at  North Scottsdale Dentistry

Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Many different variables contribute to discoloration of the teeth, but the food and beverages you consume are one of the most common causes. If frequently consumed over a long period of time, certain foods and beverages such as berries, red wine, coffee, tea, and soda will discolor your teeth. Any antibiotics will stain the teeth as well, most commonly tetracycline. Smoking is another explanation for tooth discoloration. Bear in mind that certain persons have naturally yellowish teeth, and their chromosomes decide the colour of their smile in this scenario.

Whitening Options for Teeth

Due to the prevalence of tooth whitening, there are several various teeth whitening solutions available in the market. It is necessary to conduct the whitening operation in a dental hospital or in the privacy of your own house. Compared to at-home whitening, in-office teeth whitening typically provides better and faster results. In a dental office, if you whiten your teeth, it is very likely that you will see results right after the procedure has been completed. In a dental clinic, often people do not feel relaxed and if that’s the case, the whitening of at-home teeth may be a safer option. You can whiten your teeth with over the counter products like whitening strips or trays with whitening gel. You should still use your dentist’s prescription whitening product, which is typically a mouth tray with a good bleaching gel. If you plan to whiten your teeth at home, make sure you obey the directions given by your dentist for the application or the instructions that come with the over the counter whitening device.

Whitening Prices for Teeth

The cost of whitening teeth differs widely based on the whitening process you select. Obviously, the most costly choice would be in-office teeth whitening carried out by dentists, and that will cost from few hundred to thousands of dollars. Cheaper teeth whitening options with a price tag beginning at $ 30 are over the counter items.

Procedure for Teeth Whitening Following

The benefits of teeth whitening do not endure long – you should anticipate them to be about few months and a year on average. The positive news, though, is that the benefits of teeth whitening can be prolonged by simply eliminating foods and liquids that color teeth and smoking. Coffee, tea, red wine, and berries are, but are not restricted to, these items and beverages. If you intend to eat these foods so wash your teeth directly after.

Results from Teeth Whitening

If the same treatment for teeth whitening is administered to two separate people, the outcomes would most definitely be different. Not all teeth react equally well to whitening. For example if teeth have yellow hue, chances are that they can be whitened very quickly. If the teeth are gray in colour, so whitening may be even tougher, if not difficult. If you are worried about teeth whitening, it is advised to visit a dentist first, since they will prescribe the right medication for teeth whitening.