Finding the Best Las Vegas Antique Stores

Make sure that you deal with an appraiser who has experience with the particular type of antique that you have. Don’t give an opinion about a Chinese vase to a rug expert! That’s unless he’s a specialist in both. Your nearby museum or art centre is one opportunity you can take advantage of. These experts deal with cycles several times, and they will tell you more about the object, and give you a reference point so that you have your own collection of data to compare with when you talk with an appraiser.

Living on California’s central coast, we are blessed to have several antique shops to choose from. When the shops receive a call from a client asking for a particular item, I have always been a little shocked. I almost always hear the owners of the store say, “We have a few of those; do you want to come and look at them”? They may or may not be interested in the products available when the prospective customer arrives.Get the facts about Las Vegas Antique Stores.

What if the owner had an online scrapbook of things that this prospective client might look at? A few things are going to happen. One is that their email address could be captured by you. Two, you might attract a client. And three, for potential mailings and newsletters, you now have their email address.You create a “catalogue” of not only items in stock, but also items that you can search for if a potential customer is looking for a particular item by holding a scrapbook both in the store and online. Many who are shopping for an antique are also searching for something very particular. You now have the choice to order this item for them if they see a picture of what they are searching for, or to check for yourself to see if you can find it for them. Words alone do not always express exactly what the client is looking for without the picture.