How To Ship A Car Internationally


So you have a car, or any vehicle you need to take with you abroad for that matter. Have you ever stopped considering what that could involve? Maybe a few weeks off on vacation, maybe you want to travel around Europe with a camper van, or maybe you’re moving to Australia. Well read this article to know some of the crucial things you need to consider before you push your vehicle out of the uk. Have a look at ship a car.

With full swing recession in the UK and volcanic ash grounding planes hoping for a ferry and driving around Europe never seemed like a better idea. Travel in France, it’s a couple of days or a full blown camper van driving across Europe, there are still some stuff that you may have skipped past.

Over 12 months shipping of your vehicle abroad (permanent export)

When shipping your car from UK, you must notify the DVLA by filling out the vehicle registration certificate (V5C/4) in the form (V5C). Upon shipment the car or truck will be subject to the new country’s legal specifications. If you don’t have a vehicle or car registration certificate before shipping you will need to get a permanent export certificate (V561).

Shipping your vehicle or car to another country for less than 12 months (temporary export)

If a UK registered vehicle is temporarily shipped abroad it is still subject to UK law. This means that while it is shipped abroad, you must tax your car or vehicle. Providing the car has the current MOT certificate and insurance, after shipping you will be able to tax your car or vehicle.

If you are returning untaxed with your car, when you return the vehicle will need to be transported, the vehicle must not be driven. SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice) should be announced immediately after delivery. It is important that you have a valid certificate of registration when you are temporarily shipping your car from country. You may obtain a Certificate of Substitution by contacting the DVLA.

So, you ‘re ready to ship your car or truck to other countries?

Think again, the customs facilities in overseas can vary considerably. Did you know, for example, that you have to pay customs duty, Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Luxury Car Tax (LCT) where appropriate, and get customs clearance at the port of entry if you import to Australia?

Costs and fares for car shipping. Costs and prices for overseas shipping of vehicles and automobiles worldwide.

Many shipping lines provide very competitive prices for automobile transport, depending on the amount of traffic moving to that specific part of the world and how far our car or truck will be delivered, depending on the return traffic from a particular country. Your vehicle’s scale can affect cost of automotive shipping. A small familycar is going to have a lower shipping cost than a big van.

You can deliver your own car to its exit port, however Interconti will collect your car from your door, the cost of delivering your car to the exit port will vary depending on the distance from your home to the exit port.

Economic and environmental factors will also impact the prices offered by shipping lines for the car shipping. The number of cars being shipped to and from a country prices for car shipping can vary dramatically depending on the economic fluctuations, the oil prices.