Impact Resistant Glass Windows and Doors For Hurricane Protection

Hurricane doors are made of a strong, waterproof material called plywood or metal. In high wind situations, the plywood is often left in place to protect the other materials inside the building from the impact of the hurricane. In some cases, the metal can be reinforced with reinforcing bars or steel wire but is most often made from galvanized steel that can withstand the force of the wind and not tear easily. The wood board used is typically six inches thick or more and has been treated with a water based glue to prevent it from rotting during a severe storm. Checkout Impact Glass USA – Miami hurricane doors for more info.

These hurricane doors are available in many different styles and sizes to fit any home’s specific needs. Whether your home is one story or two-story, there are specific doors that will be best for it. These are also great for schools, businesses and public buildings as well as being an excellent choice for hurricane-proof doors.

For homes, hurricane resistant glass is a very good investment to make especially if you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes. These hurricane doors come with high winds protection and even though they are not hurricane proof, they are better than no doors at all. You can even purchase them with security bars on the bottom so that if someone tries to open them during a storm, they won’t budge an inch. With high winds protection, these doors are just about as secure as high fences which are the next best thing.