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Family dentists work to help all members of the family to maintain proper oral and dental health. This practice encompasses not only adults but also includes both children and infants. The work of a family dentist consists of a variety of tasks, such as routine cleanings, fluoride treatments, x-rays, root canals and much more.Checkout Mill Creek Dental, Nolensville for more info.

Family dentistry mainly deals with dealing with oral and dental health in children and adolescents, but also in adults. Typically family dentists are very similar to regular dentists but usually has much more training in working with young children. Children will typically go to their first family dentist during childhood and continue going to them throughout their adult lives. Dentists commonly treat children from ages two to fourteen, although most will continue to treat children of this age until they are in their late teens.

Because every member of the family must have regular dental checkups, it is important that a family dentist understand the importance of providing a safe environment for everyone to enjoy healthy oral hygiene. By offering many different types of dental services, including preventative care, children and adolescents can be taught the importance of oral hygiene by their parents. Having a dentist on staff also allows for families to get X-rays, which can be a tremendous time saver, especially if a child has a tooth that needs to be examined.


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