Need to know about Major-Enemies-Of-Your-Roof


The state of the roof of a home can make or break both the overall structural integrity of the home and its aesthetic appeal. Because of leaks and the potential for mould, even a slightly damaged roof can create structural issues. On the other hand, not only does a badly damaged roof impact the overall living quality of the house, but it also makes the home stand out and look unkempt, which can decrease the value of the home. Therefore, in order to prevent further damage, roof repair should be dealt with immediately. Checkout 5 Major Enemies of Your Roof.

Many of these materials are intended to last for thirty years, although there are several different materials that can be used for roofing. This makes the need for maintenance very infrequent, but under the correct conditions and treatment, the roof will only last this long. Extreme weather conditions, for example, can greatly affect the material ‘s integrity, creating the need for urgent roof repair. As snow accumulation can cause sagging, heavy snowfall is one of the main culprits, which can inevitably lead to a roof collapse if the snow is not removed to alleviate this excess weight. In addition, the water tightness or capacity to repel water is impaired by snow. To avoid water penetration into the building, the roofing material is treated with water-resistant sealants. When this is compromised because of heavy snowfall, however, the homeowner can begin to find dampness in the home and minor water leaks. In fact, this may be an indication of a possible roof collapse when heavy snowfall is followed by dampness and leaks at home. By essentially melting the sealant and tar, allowing the shingles to become displaced, excessively hot temperatures impact the roof differently. Furthermore, some warmer climates can undergo an extreme change in temperature at night, causing the shingles to crack and buckle from the materials that are continually expanding and contracting from the changes in temperature.