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Visitor-management-system is a modern technology, based on face recognition. It allows the operator to know how many visitors visited the premises, what the time each visitor spent inside the premises, whether or not they are still inside the premises and other such details. Every day there are many visitors to the schools, hospitals , shopping malls, airports, railway stations and other places. For criminals, cartels and related anti-social groups, it’s an convenient choice. Visitor management solutions will check all coming and going people, and store their biometric details for future reference in the database.Interested readers can find more information about them at power plant log software.

A biometric visitor-management-system is installed at the reception desk or some other location, centered on face recognition. The camera and software capture the face of persons visiting the premises. If the guest had first entered the location, he is registered in the record. Whether he has recently visited his records would be identified in the database; if he is not a blacklisted user, he would be given entry. A Visitor ID card is created based on system operator authentication. The identifier is stored for future reference in the system.

Civil Liberties advocates oppose the use of visitor-management solutions for face recognition. They say there might be abuse of the processed knowledge. Besides, it is a blow to an individual’s privacy. Outsiders might not want to retain their data. Imposters can stolen the stored information, and misuse it. In a certain degree, this is valid. Identity stealing is an alternative with a Visitor Management Program for facial recognition.

Yet for protection, it’s worth sacrificing privacy. Biometrics evolved as a reliable safety mode. Installing a visitor-management-system would make terrorism incidents less possible. Any suspected party can be stopped from accessing. An individual with a prior record of wrongdoing may be denied access. Modern age, even crime, has revolutionized everything! Extremists utilize sophisticated technical techniques to promote their cause. In such a scenario, it makes no sense to cling to primitive security, for the sake of privacy. A visitor control program face recognition is the need of the day.

Privacy issues aren’t completely ignored. Private activities of an individual can be dealt with; it may be necessary to exchange sensitive details regarding the individual, or exploit his name for personal purposes. Policy is studying concerns related to safety of biometrics. Global rules have been developed for the security of personal knowledge. Organizations and organisations who utilize guest management services take special caution not to disclose individual’s biometric details without permission. Those caught violating the privacy policies of visitor-management solutions are subject to severe punishment.