Slowjuicers – The New Style of Juicing Fruits and Vegetables More Efficiently

If your fast and busy lifestyle prevents you from giving vegetables to your family for their meals, one way of getting this important food is to incorporate whole raw juice into your lifestyle eating. You may want to check out Slowjuicers for more. The most effective way of bringing good food into this fast-moving lifestyle is to juicing vegetables and fruit. It is perfect for busy people with very little effort wanting to add more healing foods to their diets.

For good health, vegetable and fruit juicing is important because it is the genuine source of raw fruits and vegetables, and an excellent way to ensure that you receive large quantities of high-fiber foods. In this programme, though all green leafy vegetables work well, dark-colored fruits and vegetables are the best to use in your vegetable juicing plan. It is also important not to have the same vegetables on a daily basis so you have the chance to get the nutritional benefits of a variety of vegetables.

The best way to get more juice out of the same amount of vegetables is to put them more slowly at a gentle pressure through your juicer. Taking the juicing time gives you just as much as a third more juice. This way you reduce the amount of heat that comes from pressing vegetables against the blade too hard. Plus, the less friction it gets, the fresher juice it yields; and the fresher juice you’ve got, the better for you.

Slow juicing squeezes the food really well, releasing the juice that goes right into the container it receives. The juice is extracted through the first crushing stage and on the second pressing stage, just before the pulp is ejected, it is again squeezed, resulting in more juice and an extremely dry pulp. For example, Guava, this fruit is among the hardest to work with, being thick and foamy. But with slow juicing process, you can easily pop the guava fruit into the juicer, add a little water, and in minutes you get ready to drink fresh and raw guava juice or smoothie.

Getting fresh and raw juice fresher from slow juicing is the hottest topic of today. It is the idea of a single auger juicer design which slowly and efficiently takes on the concept of juicing fruits , vegetables and even wheatgrass. It is the modern juicing style that preserves more vitamins and antioxidants that allow you and your family to enjoy fresher, savorier and more nutritious juice every day.

Not only is fresh and raw juice easy and fun to prepare but you’re sure to get a pack of health benefits, plus less juice waste. If you’ve considered starting a healthy eating habit, maybe it’s time every day to get on a healthy living habit of green juice and smoothies.