Start Your Own Cleaning Service Company

You ‘d probably be quite shocked at how much money you make for cleaning services. Starting a small cleaning business might just be your ticket to financial success. You could get started for a very small sum of money if you want to clean them. For example, you ‘d want some basic supplies and a vacuum cleaner as well as some marketing money for flyers and business cards. check it out Word of mouth might just get you a lot of business as many people are looking for genuine, trustworthy cleaners in their home.

You may start with residential homes or even businesses, depending on your goals. You need to check with your insurance company to get any type of liability insurance since you are going to be around the belongings of other people.

You’ll want to get testimonials from customers so you might want to give the first few people who hire you in exchange for a testimonial letter a really good deal. Remember to do your best job of cleaning up your home or office to ensure good word of mouth for future work. Ultimately, you may need to hire additional people you’ll manage so you can take on more work. Test local regulations and insurance problems again, before you start recruiting other people. There are definitely tax consequences that you want to remember as well, so do consult your tax advisor.

You really do have the amount of money you can make from starting a cleaning company. Some people pay between $10 and $30 an hour, but you can also pay more than $100 from top to bottom to clean a house. Take an hour or two to sweep smaller homes and condos. However, it will take about four to six hours for most 3 bedroom homes to clean from top to bottom.