Beverage Packages For Your Parties

One element of parties where no event is incomplete is the drinks. You will be expected to prepare for cocktails as well as mocktails, as all kinds of drinkers will include your guests. If you’re unsure about how to do the whole beverage planning, then you could hire a drinks catering company’s services, as their experience will definitely help you make the right choices.Interested readers can find more information about them at Design Food & Beverage Packaging

There are two sorts of Beverage Packages you’ll need when planning a party:

A Full Drink Kit

This package is very useful as it covers everything you’ll need for your bar needs. These packages of beverages are planned in such a way that you won’t need to plan for anything except which drink you’ll order. The bar package also includes the hire of bar staff, which is important as the beverages will be able to give you good drinks as only a good bartender, which will make your guests come back for more.

Many drinks catering company often promise to customize the beverage kit to fit the theme or the particular event you are having.

What a good package of drinks should it include:

The beverages: wines, cocktails, beers, soft drinks and mocktails. Separately, you may order champagne.

Portable bars: these are the bars that the drinks catering company will set up, such as stainless steel bars, glow bars or even bars equipped with draft bar systems if you want the beer to be “On Tap”

Consumables- consumables such as straws, ice, garnishes, snacks and other incidental bar equipment will be required.

There should be glass ware, or even plastic ware.

Staff- this is either making or breaking your bar standards as you will need a friendly, fully trained, RSA-qualified bar and waiting and cocktail staff to deliver the event.

Some businesses even offer added services such as marquees, red carpets, frozen cocktail machines, cocktail tables and rubbish removal.

Cocktail Boxes

If you don’t need the whole nine yards where the catering services for bars and drinks are concerned, then you can only opt for the Cocktail Package, which provides you with staff who will make just the cocktails for you according to your requirements and the event requirements.

You could have

Cocktails at Home: this helps the bartender of the drinks catering service to get the cocktails of your choosing served by the hands. Many businesses sell shakers, mixers, blenders, strainers, beers, muddlers, straws and napkins to get all the ingredients.

Frozen cocktails: these refreshingly different cocktails, particularly during hot summers, come in the form of slushees that are a delight to have. Unique frozen cocktail machines are available to hold the cocktail ready, all you need to do is ask for a frozen cocktail and it’ll be in your pocket.