DUI Attorneys Can Save Your Skin, Literally

So, you were booked for DUI and released on the weekend. You might feel frustrated and uncertain of what to do. You may feel guilty and repentant, but that is not enough as the authorities have become very strict about criminals booked under DUI, as experts have reported that the main cause of road accidents in the country is the propensity of people to drive after alcohol consumption. Your case will come up in front of a jury in a few days ‘ time and trust me; you might get a tough court sentence. Taking support from an experienced DUI solicitor is the safest possible course of action. It is not possible to get away easily after being charged with DUI these days because juries tend to provide an example of people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and try to deliver harsh sentences because they think alcohol is the cause of too many serious injuries and deaths on the road.You may want to check out G&S DUI Attorneys at Law  for more.

If you have been reserved under DUI, never attempt to represent your case. In such situations, there are many technicalities involved, and you can never presume to interpret and take advantage of any loopholes, if any. Even if you are not a serious criminal and have been booked for the first time, if the essence of the crime is serious, you may be stripped of your driver’s licence, face a heavy fine and even face the risk of incarceration. In all the laws relating to such cases, DUI lawyers are well versed and know how to present before the jury the evidence related to the accident in order to give an appearance that the crime is minor in nature and that you deserve the lightest of sentences.
The fact that the blood alcohol level was over the limit set by the law can not be wished away, and what happened, happened. You can’t hide it now, and pleading guilty and making no excuses is the safest way. But in your defence, DUI lawyers are known to deliver cases in an efficient way to make you look innocent and the jury will be willing to release you with a reprimand and a small fine. If the jury takes away your driver’s licence, you know the repercussions. What about your credibility if you’re sentenced to a few days in gaol? You must employ a DUI solicitor to protect your rights to escape such a situation.
There is no question that it will be difficult to employ a DUI attorney because these attorneys are costly in terms of their fees. But if you do not take advice from an attorney, the consequences may be extreme as you face the risk of losing your driver’s licence and even face a heavy penalty. It is therefore in your own interest, either via yellow pages or through the net, to find an experienced attorney in your area to battle the case on your behalf.