Home Gym Buying Guide

It is important to select the right workout equipment as it is a major investment. If you make the right choice, you will get years of rewarding training with outstanding outcomes, all in the comfort and convenience of your own home. You’ll lose precious training time and resources if you get it wrong.Learn more at  Carmel Personal Trainer

You’ll need to weigh the following points before purchasing a home gym:

1) Functionality-will there be the right workouts in your home gym that get the best results?

2) Consistency-with years of good preparation, can it go the distance?

3) Room-map out your gym footprint

4) Policy Policy

Home Gym Equipment Functionality.

The most important aspect of buying a gym, in my view, is that you can get results if you work hard on it, plus eat well and take care of yourself. If your gym doesn’t encourage you to do the big compound exercises, such as squats, bench press, lat pull downs, rows, etc., then you’re not only wasting your money, you’re also wasting your training time. For forming current muscles, isolation exercises are outstanding. But you need to focus on doing compound exercises to develop your base strength and muscle mass if you don’t have muscle there to begin with.

If you want to go the free weight or computer home gym road, you now have to work out. When I refer to free weights, I mean exercise with a power rack, barbells and dumbbells in the old fashioned way. In terms of home gyms, you will have to choose between a standard cable type gym or multi-gym leverage.

You may need to think about what you are looking to get out of your weight training before you decide whether to opt for free weight or a computer. A home gym would be the best choice if you just want to be fit and safe and are not too fussed about significantly enhancing your muscle mass and strength. If you want to create strength on the other side, or bulk up, then a power rack would be perfect. If you want to develop strength and gain muscle mass but can’t stand free movements of weight, then the best choice is a home gym leverage.

A tidal wave of cheap cable home gyms has been reaching the market outside of China in recent years. Although most of the exercises are great in cable style, some exercises such as lat pulldowns or seated rows are great, and in some cases all the exercises are just rubbish at this budget gym. These gyms are mostly only copied from photos by factories where there is little interest in weight training for the people building them. It can look like a home gym, but the workouts feel different and can be dangerous sometimes. Forget about cheap fitness centres, they’re not worth the risk!