Benefits of Impact Windows for Energy Efficiency

You already know that hurricane impact windows will shield your home from a hurricane or a tropical storm throwing high winds and wind-borne debris. You probably know, too, that they are the only windows not expected to be protected by hurricane shutters in Florida. You should also know that because of their extreme ability to keep your home free from damage and safe, both from hurricane-force winds and intruders who attempt to reach the home by smashing the windows, they will save you money on your monthly insurance premiums. But did you know they will save you money on your bills for heating and cooling as well?Find additional information at Impact Glass USA, Miami.

Together with the double layer of laminated glass sandwiched over a middle layer of even more impact resistant material, the heavy duty aluminum framing of impact resistant windows or doors makes them very energy efficient. You do not know the amount of heat or cold transmitted by normal windows – you both lose air from inside the home, and when they are built, you transfer heat or cold from outside the home. Impact-resistant windows prevent this from happening; the air inside the home remains the temperature you want it to be, and because of their excellent ability to shield it, none of the heat or cold from outside the home is allowed in.

The money you save on heating and cooling bills might be large, making windows pay for themselves in time for the hurricane effect. We all know Florida’s summer month of heat and humidity; don’t you want your home to stay cool and dry during the rainy season? If so, your list of upgrades to your home should certainly include hurricane effect windows. You’ll be thinking, after you install them, why you didn’t do this earlier. The money you save is only one gain – and it’s a nice one – but it’s invaluable to feel more relaxed in your own home.

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