Sports Physiotherapy – Relief For Victims of Whiplash Injury

Physiotherapy is also the road to a complete recovery if you have sustained a neck injury like whiplash while playing sports.

Sports injuries involving falls, jolts or blows to the head and damage to the neck, especially if you play football, ice hockey or martial arts, can sometimes result in a painful whiplash injury. After an injury playing sports, a stiff or immobile neck, neck pain, back pain, headaches and muscle spasms can all point to whiplash injuries.Learn more by visiting Physiotherapy near me

Whiplash symptoms can cause the recovering player significant pain and discomfort, and although mild symptoms can disappear within 2 to 3 days, the more serious effects can continue for a number of months. While the injury is being handled, it is possible that you will take some time off, and this can be very disruptive, particularly for professional players and athletes. And, sadly, a long-term whiplash injury will threaten your entire career if chronic pain develops.

Treating the Damage of Whiplash

It is crucial for the player to undergo rapid care in all cases of sports injury, so as to reduce the recovery period and get the player back on her feet as soon as possible. When the severity of injuries caused by whiplash varies, so does the extent of the treatment and the period of recovery.

Immediate care will seriously speed recovery for minor injuries suffered as a result of whiplash. Treatment helps to cope with pain in the neck and stiffness in the neck, enabling the damage to heal the fragile soft tissues along the spine of the cervix (the upper area around the neck and shoulders). This can take the form of applying an ice pack to minimize swelling of the neck, good posture and gentle exercise in the neck to facilitate movement, and painkillers to alleviate whiplash-related pain.

However, if a player suffers a serious whiplash injury, it’s a different situation. It is possible to sprain or tear fragile ligaments and severely damage other soft tissues of the cervical spine (such as tendons and muscles, and the spinal cord and nerves). Sometimes, with the risk of a player’s career being affected by a crippling injury, physiotherapy is the only choice for a quick and full recovery.

The Physiotherapy Objectives

In general, physiotherapists seek to treat injuries to the muscles, bones, and heart and lungs in order to enhance the free movement of the body and facilitate rehabilitation, helping to increase the mobility of the patient, especially where conditions such as whiplash have caused work and everyday activities to be interrupted. In physiotherapy, a number of techniques are used; massage, manipulation, complex exercises, and hydrotherapy are among them.