The Unexposed Secret of Group Snorkeling Tours


Snorkeling is a perfect experience to enjoy if you love being in the sea, love diving, and have an urge to discover what lies under the surface of the ocean. There are a few things you need to do in advance before you go snorkelling for the first time. Have a look at Group Snorkeling Tours for more info on this. It is necessary to pick up your snorkelling supplies, goggles, swimming fins, and your snorkel mask. A wet suit is another thing that you may need to rent or buy if you do not have one. If you are going to go snorkelling in colder water, a wet suit is a smart thing to wear. Ensure that each object suits you correctly and comfortably, so that when in the water there are no problems.

After finding a nice place to go snorkelling, the next thing you need to do is to try to remain calm. Learn your breathing if you are not used to swimming underwater, or have never been snorkelling before. You can do this in a pool or in the ocean’s shallow waters. Before you put your head in the water, you want to practise breathing by snorkelling. It is important to note when you are snorkelling that you do not want to breathe too quickly or too shallowly. When you’ve practised enough to make you feel relaxed, drop your head under the water, and keep breathing.

Your Snorkel Clearing

Cleaning your snorkel is another thing that you will need to practise doing. This means submerging your head far enough into the water, and your snorkel, that some of it gets into the mask. Simply take a breath and then blow vigorously into the mouthpiece to clear your snorkel. This would push the water out of the snorkel tube to be expelled. Be vigilant to make sure that all the water is expelled on your next breath, if not, blow vigorously again to flush it out.

Another move that’s required is to clear your mask. Just lift your face off the mask and allow a little water to get inside. To allow the water to drain, raise your head out of the water and lift the mask once more. Replace the mask, or goggles, on your face properly and return to the water.