Types Of Farm Equipment And Its Uses

Agricultural machinery is machinery utilized in farming or agricultural industry. There are various kinds of these machinery, from tractors and other power tools to combineers and other agricultural power equipments. Numerous kinds of agricultural equipment are utilized in both conventional and organic farming. These machines include combines, harvesters, tiller, plows, forklifts, sprayers, harnesses, fencing, adhesives, shears, knives, buckets, shovels, pump-landing gears, snow plows, shredders, and many more. Most of these can be operated either manually or electronically.Checkout Bobcat of Springfield, Illinois for more info.

Most of these machines are classified according to their functions. A few examples of these are: dairy farm tools, grain and feed farm tools, poultry and meat farm tools, fruits and vegetables farm tools, dairy farm equipment, hay and straw farm tools, sheep and goat farming equipment, vegetable and fruit farming equipment, fish and meat farming equipment, poultry and egg farming equipment. There are also numerous types of attachments to the aforementioned farm machinery, which may be used for various purposes. Some examples of these include: chain saws, wheel barrows, forklifts, trolleys, plows, cable plows, scrapers, and concrete mixers. Most of these also come in different sizes and capabilities.

Another group of farm equipment includes those that are used for harvesting. Harvesting machinery includes: screasers, diggers, harrow machines, harvesters, and pickers. Most of these are operated manually, although some may be operated electrically as well. In addition, there are also several kinds of harvesting equipment used by farmers, including: fencing machines, tillage machines, planting and fertilizing machines, and sprayers for fertilizer.


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