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Throughout the ages, jewels have followed humans and had a social and cultural role that has developed hand in hand with societies. Jewels, in one form or another, are available to all levels of society in our dynamic modern society and are used as signals of behaviours, lifestyles and belonging. In view of the great offer and variety of jewels, the cultural significance of jewels is difficult to decide from the cheap mass-produced to the finest exclusive pieces. What remains valid now, as across the ages, as Clare Phillips1 says, is that jewellery at its finest has the ability to fascinate and inspire-which in any of its many forms is the prime feature of art at its best. “It can then be inferred without any doubt that, indeed, jewels are much more than an expression of human vanity.” Our website provides info on Graham Brothers Jewelers LP
Clare Phillips, Jewelry from Antiquity to the Present, New York World of Art, Thames and Hudson, 2008
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